Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Alain Connes, College de France, Paris:
The nature of mathematical reality and its relation to physics

Jürg Fröhlich, ETH Zurich:
Some high-lights in the scientific work of Wolfgang Pauli

Domenico Giulini, MPI Potsdam:
Symmetries in Pauli's work

Richard Jorgensen, University of Arizona at Tucson:
Evolutionary diversification of the epigenome and paragenetic  processes in eukaryotes and their potential role in ontogenic memory  and directed evolution

Joachim Klose, Katholische Akademie Dresden:
Process ontology from Whitehead to quantum physics

Günter Knoblich, Rutgers University:
Cognitive and neural bases of creative insight

Karl von Meyenn, Universität Ulm:
Wolfgang Pauli's epistemological conceptions viewed from the perspective of his correspondence

Arthur Miller, University of London:
When Pauli met Jung - and what happened next

Rafael Nuñez, UC San Diego:
Where does mathematics come from?
Pauli, Jung, and contemporary cognitive science

Hans Primas, ETH Zurich:
Complementarity of mind and matter

Susan Rosenberg, Baylor College, Houston:
Mutation as a stress response and the regulation of evolvability

William Seager, University of Toronto at Scarborough:
Pauli and the unity of mind and matter

Max Velmans, University of London:
Psychophysical nature: A view from psychology and physics


Wolfgang Pauli in Hamburg, November 1955

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