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Dynamics and bonding phenomena are complex issues in chemistry which elude from direct observation. At present many disconnected approaches exist (MO-, band structure calculations, ELF1, structure displays and transitions, HES2 approaches, e.g.) all of which enhance understanding by comprehensive 3D-visualization.


Inside the framework of "CCN - the Chemistry Contact Network" we develope tools for comprehensive visualization, investigation and communication, especially for topologically complicated systems. Our platform independent system allows researchers to share common tasks by synchronous and asynchronous remote interaction.

CURVIS is a CCN computer program for scientific visualization, based on the platform of AVS/Express. The structure of CURVIS is modular, and designed for over-the-web use. CURVIS provides an easy production of communication materials in form of animations, videos, and interactive 3D-elements.
CURVIS is used especially for visualization and investigation of PNS3, their properties and applications.

Screenshot of program CURVIS


Program CURVIS - contact & info: Dr. Stefano P. Piotto

Swiss Center for Scientific Computing CSCS/SCSC
(ETH Zurich/Manno): Scientific Visualization, Jean M. Favre and Mario Valle

Dr. Stefano P. Piotto
Polymers and Liquid Crystal Group, University of Salerno, Italy

CCN - The Chemistry Contact Network is an ETH-World project.

Recent publications:

A. Zürn, R. Nesper, S. P. Piotto
"Teaching Chemistry: The Challenge to Visually Communicate Complex Systems"
E-Learn 2003, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 7. - 11. November 2003

S. P. Piotto, A. Zürn, R. Nesper
"Novel tools for combining research and teaching: inorganic and structural chemistry"
E-Learn 2003, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 7. - 11. November 2003

S. Piotto, A. Zürn, W. Uhlig, C. Mensing, B. Rüttimann, R. Nesper
New media for teaching and communicating inorganic chemistry: The projects CCN and CCI at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETH Zurich.
Chimia 2003, 57, 94-98, abstract

1 ELF - Electron Localization Function, see: theorie
  Link: ELF-homepage (Editor: Frank R. Wagner)
2 HES - Hyperbolic Equi Surfaces, see: topology
3 PNS - Periodic Nodal Surfaces, see: topology





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