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The compounds being investigated are based on the light elements Li, B, C, N and O.

LiBC, MgB2C2, LiB0.89, Li6B18(Li2O)x and Li2B2 are prominent crystalline representatives, some of which are related to the new superconductor MgB2.

SiBNC-Ceramics are amorphous high temperature materials synthesized via a new polymer precursor route. Decomposition temperature of these type of materials are beyond 2000K (see: precursor derived ceramics).

Besides determining properties of such and related materials we apply high pressure to transform them into novel framework structures(1).

Theoretical calculations indicate strongly that clathrate frameworks of B/C/N may exist [1].



Crystal structure of MgB2C2, high pressure form; Mg-blue; B-green; C-black




Sample holder, multi-anvil modul, Walker-type. Apparatus see: High-Pressure Lab @ ETH



"Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Solids"
Swiss National Science Foundation Nr. 20-66717.01

"Novel Framework Modifications of Carbon and Doped Carbons Through High Pressure Syntheses"
ETH - Research Council

"Nanocage Materials"
IHP - European - Network


(1) High Pressure Lab @ ETH, Prof. Peter Ulmer


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