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precursor derived ceramics

Precursor derived ceramics:
New Si-B-N-C ceramic materials derived from silyl-substituted vinylborazines (see figure 1) are investigated. Starting from molecular or polymeric precursors, high durable materials (stable up to 2000°C) are obtained after pyrolysis under inert atmosphere. Physical properties of the material can tuned by metal doping at atomic scale.

Figure 1: Silyl-substituted vinylborazine as precurser for new Si-B-N-C ceramic materials.

Figure 2: Sample of a new Si-B-N-C ceramic.


Recent publications:

J. Haberecht, F. Krumeich, H. Grützmacher, R. Nesper:
"High Yield Molecular Borazine-Precursors for Si-B-N-C Ceramics"
Chem. Mater., accepted

J. Haberecht, A. Krummland, F. Breher, B. Gebhardt, H. Ruegger, R. Nesper and H. Grützmacher:
"Functionalized borazines as precursors for new silicagels"
Dalton Trans. 2003, 11, 2126-2132

R. Nesper, J. Haberecht, H. Grützmacher
Patent CH-0149/03 (pending)

General Overview:
Structure and Bonding 101, M. Jansen (Ed.) , 2002





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